Thursday, 1 November 2012

Billy Bonkers - It Wasn't Me! by Giles Andreae

 Books FC is different.
At BFC books are reviewed by a panel of so called experts. The panel of experts, in case you've forgotten, includes:
Mad Scientist - specialises in books for the 12 plus age range
His brain is like the universe, expanding at an ever faster rate. He likes facts and information, the gorier the better. He dislikes his co-panel.
Party Rocker - specialises in books for the 10 plus age range
Also known as Big Bang, not because he is in any way scientific, just because he's noisy. Also sometimes known as NikNak; no one knows why. Also known to be extremely annoying, particularly to his co-panel.
Striker - specialises in books for the 7 plus age range
He loves sport, football, competitions and winning. He dislikes losing. Also carries a public health warning: do not stand too close. This is because every now and again (normally when he has just lost) he hits whoever is closest (normally Party Rocker).
Flower Power - specialises in books for the 5 plus age range
She loves anything liquid, solid, sticky, sparkly, fluffy, gloopy, messy, shiny, slimy or sweet. She dislikes reviewing books (too bad).

The latest book to dare face the panel is Billy Bonkers - It Wasn't Me! by Giles Andreae. Billy Bonkers is a typical comic reading, computer gaming, action snacking boy hero. The interesting twist in this tale is that the Secret Prankster wreaking havoc around town is not Billy Bonkers. So who is the Secret Prankster? Billy Bonkers is determined to find out.

Mad Scientist: Billy Bonkers? Billy Boring more like. This book was not worthy of my mega-watt, super charged brain power. I give it 2 stars, cause a few years ago I, um, probably would have liked it.

Party Rocker: I liked it, (which is more than I can say about Mad Scientist.) I liked it so much I even took notes, (cold porridge bomb traps!) I liked it so much I have changed my name. (You can now call me Secret Prankster.) 5 Stars! Best of all, it was an easy read, allowing my mega-watt super charged brain some time off.

Striker: Well, I liked it too. I give it 4 stars. I liked the fact that Billy became a sort of secret detective. I liked the bit where Billy went on a roller coaster. I liked the bit about custard pies. (Yum!) I liked it so much I would have actually bothered to read it, except I didn't have to because I got my slave to do that for me. Her name is Mum.

Party Rocker: Actually she's my slave.

Striker: Actually she's only pretending to be your slave. She really only belongs to me.

Party Rocker: Interesting idea. Completely wrong, but interesting. But I can't stay to chat. I've got some porridge to cook.

Striker: I love porridge. (Yum!)

Party Rocker: Don't worry, I'm making it for you.

Flower Power: Can I say something?

Striker: No.

So, Billy Bonkers scores a yummy 4 stars and Flower Power has a little sulk because she didn't get to vote and she wants some porridge too.

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