Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Secret Football Club by Tom Palmer

Every now and again you find something really special. To others, what you have found appears really ordinary. But to you, your special find is so wonderful it steals your heart.

Mad Scientist: Like the time I did an experiment and grew some mould that looked disgusting, smelt disgusting and was disgusting.
Party Rocker: Do you mean the cheese between your toes?
Striker: Like the time I found a pound coin on the playground.
Party Rocker: But that was mine! Give it back.
Flower Power: Like the time I found shiny coin on Striker's desk and used it to go to the shops.
Striker: But that was mine! Give it back.
Flower Power: I didn't know you liked pink nail polish.

Sometimes the special find is a book. You discover it, you love it, you miss it when you finish it. It's as if your best friend has just moved to Mars. This hasn't actually happened to anyone yet, but it will, one day... And its how some of the experts at booksfc felt when they finished reading The Secret Football Club.

Mad Scientist: Actually, I didn't read it. There were various reasons for this. One it was about football. Two it was an easy reader. And three the text was large and the story was short. Also, I am a genius, and a scientist, and an intellectual and a crusading eco-warrior, and a brain box, so I don't read light entertainment/easy reader type short stories. I give it n stars. N is a variable. Please substitute n for the amount of stars you think is appropriate when you read it.

Party Rocker: I also give it n stars. N is not a variable. N is a rude word that we are not allowed to use on this blog.

Striker: I don't want to give it any stars. I want to give it a medal because I think it broke the world record for being the best book ever. I loved the fact it was about boys and girls at school who just want to play football. That's all I want to do, too. I loved the fact that the teacher seemed horrible at first, but then I began to understand why he was being horrible. In the end I didn't think he was horrible anymore, and that was really interesting to change my mind about a character in a book. Finally, what I liked the most was the fact their club was secret. I was so worried about them getting caught, and getting into trouble (something I know all about) that I just had to know what would happen next. If books were footballers, then this book would be Messi; the best ever!

Flower Power: I loved it too! I loved the main character, Lily, who was one of the best footballers. I loved it so much that I'm going to change my name from Flower Power to Footie Power, and become a striker too! Since nobody else gave it any stars, I won't either. I give it five fat football stickers instead.

So, The Secret Football Club hasn't received any stars but instead a random collection of football stickers, variables, n words, medals and a world record. Not bad going for a pocket money puffin!

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