Friday, 1 June 2012

Football Fever by Alan Durant

The blog where we don't just review books we audition them. We make them sweat, while we get to sit back, relax and look cool. And every once in a while, we choose a winner.

Our panel of young experts includes:

Mad Scientist: Age 12
He's read every single Horrible History book, Horrible Science book, Horrible Geography book, and Horribly Famous book. In fact, he's read so many Horrible books he almost changed his name to Horrible, but didn't, just. He spends his time attempting to blow up anything that makes him upset. There are many things that make him upset. This makes life very dangerous. You have been warned!

Party Rocker: Age 10
You'll not be surprised to learn he's often listening to itunes. His favourite tunes are the ones he shouldn't be listening to because they include rude words he shouldn't be listening to. His favourite hobby is singing along, at the top of his voice, in front of Mad Scientist. Rude words make Mad Scientist very upset. So, in summary, Party Rocker and Mad Scientist have an explosive relationship.

Striker: Age 8
He specialises in footie stories, footie games and football league tables. When not busy scoring goals, striker is normally busy having a disagreement with one of our other panel of experts. Sometimes this ends happily, and sometimes this ends in striker striking Party Rocker. So, in summary, Party Rocker and Striker also have an explosive relationship.

Flower Power: Age 5
She has a tendency to like any book with a pink fairy on it. She also likes princesses, roses and the colour purple. She doesn't like books that are either scary or too long. She is the only one on the panel who doesn't have an explosive relationship with the other members on the panel. Yet!

First up in the spotlight is: Football Fever by Alan Durant.

William has caught football fever. His symptoms are so severe that his sister's afraid there's no cure. He eats, talks and dreams football, and he's driving his sister crazy Then one day William's dream comes true and Dad takes him to a football club for the first time. The match kicks off and the tension builds. The score is nil-nil and William has the ball. Will he score and be hero for the day? And who'll be next to catch the football bug?

Mad Scientist:
 Party Rocker:
Pass the peas, pass the peas, pass the peas, pass the peas like we used to say it...
Mad Scientist:
Shut it.
Five Stars, cause he scores a goal and wins the match.
Flower Power:
Me also. Five Stars, cause now I've got football fever too!
 So, the overall rating is 5 stars! What a result for Football Fever!

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