Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mammoth Academy by Neal Layton

Next up for the panel to chew on and tear apart is... Mammoth Academy by Neal Layton.
Mammoth Academy follows the adventures of Woolly Mammoths Oscar and Arabella, who set off to Mammoth Academy for the first time, wide eyed, slightly nervous and completely innocent of the dangers of the human tribe.
Mammoth Academy is a hot favourite to do well with our panel of experts due to its winning combination of hairy humans, hairy animals, and hairy jokes.
Mad Scientist:
Mammoths did not go to school. Neal Layton needs to check his facts
Score: 3 stars
Party Rocker:
Mad Scientist needs to check his spots. This book is wild! Mammoth Academy is the best school ever. The students there invent a skateboard, study the mathematical problem of 1+1 and investigate what happens when you don't ever wash! That sounds like my kind of school. Party ugh!
Score: 4 stars
Mad Scientist:
Watch it, ugh breath.
Party Rocker:
Mammoth nose.
Mad Scientist:
Neanderthal brain.
Party Rocker (with Mad Scientist's hand over his mouth):
Mad Scientist (with Party Rocker's hand over his mouth):
Well, I loved it! I didn't know what was going to happen next, if the humans were going to get the mammoths or the mammoths outwit the humans. More than anything, I loved the bit where fox went parp. Even though football hasn't been invented yet, I still give it full marks.
Score 5 stars
Flower Power:
Can we have Charlie and Lola instead?
Score: N/A
So overall, Mammoth Academy scores an average of 4 stars. What a mammoth hit! 

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